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Good For You, Good For Our Planet – A New Standard of Conscious

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The Commitment to Sustainability

Fantasea Media is proud to be affiliated with Avery Dennison, a top authority in our industry that makes strides to address the environmental and social impacts of product packaging, labeling, retail branding and graphics materials. We are happy to be part of their force for good. Learn more about their commitment to sustainability by clicking here.

Eco-Friendly Signage Miami

How Fantasea Media is living sustainably and working toward an eco-friendly future.

Within the print advertising industry, we are faced with a number of environmental factors. Not only does the production of paper contribute to our growing footprint, but how solvent the inks we use are another contributing factor to how it interacts with our environment. Some say print is dead, but here’s how we keep it alive while thinking of our environment.

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Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle

At Fantasea Media, we’re hopeful that our clientele will join us in our actions for a better and cleaner world. We make it a priority to suggest recycled materials for small print projects such as business cards or leaflets, and there is a chance this eco-perspective will influence how our clients order their marketing.

Sustainable Raw Materials for Signage

But we won’t lie to you—the process of making signage is tough to transform. Fantasea Media is happy to advise our clients about sustainable raw materials, or suggest alternatives to PVC like polyvinyl films, but replacing and upgrading signage still requires a large number of raw materials. During the early stages of the signage project, it is important for us to plan how the signage will eventually be decommissioned and disposed of. This makes it possible for us to ensure that environmental issues can be fully addressed without incurring additional expenses. 

old advertising method energy wasting kiosk
Can you tell that energy-wasting advertising is becoming a thing of the past?

Thankfully, paper and plastics can be recycled, and so can glass and metals. But when it comes to illuminated signage or backlit signs, our conversation on energy begins. 

Demonstrate Energy Efficiency 

To have energy efficient signage requires lots of communication with the client. If the job calls for a display unit with ten halogen bulbs or a needlessly rotating stand with a power-wasting adaptor, the conversation must begin at cost-effectiveness and end at the protection of the environment. We point out how it directly affects our client, and how small the impact of these needless expenses actually are when it comes to their target consumer. Then we provide alternatives: Can low-energy LED lighting be used? Can we opt for internal illumination rather than wasteful uplighters? Can the electrical circuits be turned off when not needed?

Show the Client There’s a Better Way

By taking these things into account, we demonstrate to our client that we understand what we do as a profession, we care about how cost-effective the solution is for them, and we are willing to take the extra steps needed to create a more eco-conscious world. We hope that this directly, and indirectly, inspires those who work with us to continue making the impact that we need to make a difference.

Fantasea Media Office Board Sustainability EcoTeamwork Makes the Dream Work

Our team also takes individual steps to be more eco-friendly. Once we noticed how often we used single-use plastic, we started our own small movement in the office which everyone wanted to be a part of. Now Fantasea Media has Challenges of the Month! Rather than buying plastic forks in bulk for everyone in the office to use for lunchtime, individual team members have begun to bring their own wooden utensils. And rather than drinking colada out of those tiny plastic cups, each person will have their own small coffee cup, which can then be branded and wrapped. These little steps make a big difference when it comes to everyone’s’ daily habits, and we’re just getting started.

Taking Steps to Reduce Emissions

We’re a small, independently-owned design agency, so the steps we take toward sustainability will be different than the steps being taken by Avery Dennison. Because they have multiple facilities, reducing CO2 emissions is more of a challenge. But not impossible. See how they’re creating a healthier environment by design.

Solutions that are Good For You, and Good For Our Planet.

How are you helping to make our planet more sustainable? Do you or your agency have methods we haven’t mentioned above? We’d love to hear about them. Leave a comment and let us know how you contribute to the sustainability of our planet, generally or within the advertising and print industry!

Written by Victoria Zade

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