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4 Ways to Leverage Your Marketing Strategy for COVID-19

By September 21, 2020 October 6th, 2020 No Comments

If people were always on their phones before COVID-19 hit back in March 2020, then now people practically live on their phones. Here are 4 ways your business can leverage these new habits for the new normal:

1. Use Conversational Marketing
2. Create Digital Content
3. Leverage Influencers
4. Open eCommerce Shop

1. Don’t sell “at” your customers

If you push your messaging too hard, you won’t appear as connected with people. Likewise, if you sell the wrong message then you are tone-deaf.

Interact with customers in a way that prioritizes quality feedback.

This can be simply having conversations with them. In the Guide to Conversational Marketing, CEO Jitendra Gidwani explains “This technique is meant to instantly engage leads, convert them into customers, retain existing clients, and grow a loyal base.”

The idea that you can build lasting customer relationships through quality conversation over time isn’t just anecdotal conjecture. Feeling as if they are genuinely heard is the single most likely thing to keep customers devoted to a brand.

Jitendra Gidwani, Guide to Conversational Marketing

2. Use digital content

Like everyone during the COVID-19 shutdown, we have consumed more digital media this year during our free time (so… all the time. Basically.)

Most Americans have been going for walks in the neighborhood and trying to stay occupied with productive activities like reading, but they have also been binge-watching shows and spending far too much time on social media.

Businesses react to this change in behavior by shifting the focus to lead and sales generation through content marketing and social media.

According to HireInfluence, a brand dedicated to leveraging social media influencers in digital marketing strategies, there have been significant increases in video streaming, website traffic, and gaming due to the fact that most of us are under “stay at home” orders.

Since digital content consumption is one of the only safe ways to get information right now, businesses need to adapt by creating digital content like videos or leveraging influencer marketing.

(Get more Instagram Tips from our in-house social media influencer Juan Bustos AKA @Negrofarto)

3. Influence matters

Even the Surgeon General of the United States Jerome Adams reached out to Kylie Jenner to explain how serious this pandemic is to younger Americans. Celebrities and influencers have a major impact on Millennials and Gen Z.

Since the pandemic has put a ton of companies out of business, influencers have less work and thus have lowered their prices.

Millennials are a key demographic in the U.S., an easy way to target them for your business is to contact major influencers on social media.

The most popular social media sites today are Instagram, Facebook, and the rapidly growing (yet politically controversial) Tiktok.

4. eCommerce is booming

If your company website doesn’t already sell products online, then the pandemic should have at least hinted to you that you should have an online store.

According to The CMO Survey history, online sales have now grown to the highest level—with a 43% increase over just three months ago. Now online sales make up 19.3% of all sales. Small businesses in particular are taking advantage of this trend, with e-commerce providing 26.1% of sales.

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Written by Victoria Zade

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