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Vehicle Wraps Prevent UV Damage on Your Car or Boat

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UV Resistant Vinyl Wraps

First things first, can the Sun damage my wrap?

It depends. If you have a vinyl wrap on the top of your vehicle where it gets the most sun, it is more at risk of fading than the areas of your car that doesn’t get as much sun.

But for the most part? No, the Sun won’t damage your wrap.

Fortunately, because we invest in top-quality 3M vinyl, everything we wrap is finished with a UV coating. If you chose to get wrapped, this provides durability from scratches, as well as UV protection from the sun’s rays. But wait, there’s more! We also provide a warranty for every wrap, as well as free auto detailing.

Do you only wrap cars?

Not at all! We specialize in large format printing, which means we can wrap everything from a semi-truck, to large marine vessels or boats, to trailers and event venues.  

What’s the difference between wrapping your car and wrapping your boat?

The process is the same for every wrap job: We take measurements, create your design, affix it on a photo for previewing purposes, and then wrap away. Depending on how many other jobs we’ve taken on, the process can be done in less than a week.

What can I do to make the wrap last as long as possible?

You can prevent fading by applying wax to your vinyl wrap after you wash your car. Fantasea Media provides free auto detailing with every vehicle wrap (visit our Vehicle Wraps FAQ), to ensure the final result is sleek and vibrant. For those who love their cars, they may want to opt for full-service auto detailing and ceramic pro coating.

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