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Wall Wraps, Window Decals, and Floor Vinyl Film Stickers

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What are some creative ways to use wall wraps for my business?


Text | Photography | Illustrations | Combination of all 3


Custom Wall Murals Design & Installation Miami, FL

Already know how you want your graphics? Contact us today!


Custom Wall Graphics & Murals

Own a business? Add a positive employee culture, and add color to boring office walls with custom wall wraps. Text, photography, illustrations, and more can be along walkways of your building.

How do I increase engagement to my social media?

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Wall Mural Miami Creative Motivational Quotes


  • Add Relatable & Relevant Hashtags
  • Include Your @Profile
  • Increase Aesthetic Appeal to your Ads so People Will Enjoy Snapping Shots!
    Boost social engagement by promoting your social pages with wall wraps. Be clever and add photo-worthy designs or quotes to make sure your brand ends up in everyone’s feed!


What are ways I can make my business a great place to work? Wall Vinyl Wrap Decal for Offices Miami Florida

Custom Wall Wraps Add Dimension to Any Room
World Map Wall Mural Vinyl Decal Miami Business Offices

Displaying your business in a creative, modern way will make people proud to work for you. Forward-thinking graphics on your next annual report will increase competency in your employees, just like dressing well promotes better behavior in young ones.

Providing artwork for your lobby or conference room boosts morale in your workers and creates the possibility of genuine social engagement, and happy employees lead to productive workers!


How can I make people come to my hard-to-see business location?

Part of our job is helping our clients discover the most impacting ways to connect with their audience.



Floor Decals for your Business Entrance


Be Seen!

Our clients in the past have used floor graphics in fun and creative ways. Having trouble getting clients to find your business? Use decals to direct them straight to you!


CryoBodySpa Foot Floor Stickers Advertisement

This works especially well for businesses located around corners, hidden areas, or even on higher floors. (If your business is located on the second floor of a popular plaza, you can have literal footsteps leading straight to your door!)


Make Great First Impressions


Floor Decals Entrance Signage Decals

Not every store needs a giant 3D acrylic sign on their walls, a more cost-effective and just as a visible option is a floor decal! Everything printed at Fantasea Media is laminated to ensure long-lasting brilliant graphics and colors.


Business Entrance Signs Graphics Vinyl Wrap Floor Stickers


Temporary Floor Graphics


Advertise in the Real World

Want to direct traffic from highly populated walk-areas to your point of purchase? Put your product in their line of sight!


Floor Decal Sticker Sale Promotional Vinyl Wrap

Generate Leads Floor Vinyl Wrap Product Advertising


Wayfinding Made Easy

Have you received complaints from customers unable to find their way around your store?


Wayfinding Floor Decals Ground Route Color Coded Navigation

Do you have a large department store but don’t want to invest in expensive 3D wayfinding signage? Make it easier for your customers to find their way around with inexpensive floor stickers!


Floor Stickers Vinyl Decals Add Texture to Ground Entrance Signage

Floor Stickers Vinyl Decals Add Texture to Ground Entrance Signage


Create Texture

Tired of seeing boring concrete or normal tile on your floor? You’d be surprised what a simple floor decal can do for the entire environment! Window Decals can not only bring useful information to your customers faster, but it can create an aesthetic that is unique to your brand and can even help increase customer satisfaction. See how signage can improve customer waiting times.


Create Privacy

Frosted window decals can speak volumes, subdue distractions, and create focus in the room.


Frosted Window Decals Vinyl Wrap Stickers Increase Privacy in Lobbies Conference Room Offices Miami Florida

Offices of any type and conference rooms can do with frosted window clings and one-way vision film.


Conference Room Offices Miami Florida Frosted Window Stickers Increase Privacy in Lobby Computer Room Productivity in Employees

We established an early partnership with top quality makers of inks and papers to ensure a quality end result for our clients every time. To see more options for etch mark and frosted sparkle window films, click here.


Create Personality

Not only can frosted glass film create peace and quiet for employees, but customers can be engaged with custom designed frosted window wraps.


Barber Shop Decor Tattoo Parlor Office Decor Frosted Window Design Decal Typography Styled Vinyl Decal Sticker Miami FL

Make a statement or have us design it for you!


Ford Window Advertisement at Bar Hashtag Instagram

Connect in-person interactions with your online presence! Add window wraps to your point of purchase or along the entrance of your storefront that displays custom hashtags or lead directly to your social media pages!


Window Wraps On Cars


Tree Stump Removal Mobile Advertising Vehicle Wrap

Don’t want to opt for a full or partial vehicle wrap? Adding a small window vinyl to the most viewed area of your vehicle (the back window) will exponentially add to your impressions on a daily basis.


Click here for other services like Vehicle Wraps






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