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Not enough businesses are taking what they post on social media seriously enough. Sure, you can have fun content. But do you have a quality strategy in place? (On top of that, are you doing everything you can to market your business online? And why do you need a social media strategy?

Social Media Marketing in Florida needs to serve as a precedent for quality design; this is because we have the Miami Design District—popular on a global scale, the Miami Design District is a creative neighborhood and Miami’s hub for art, design, and luxury shopping.

Instagram Social Media Management in Miami Florida Wynwood Coconut Grove Brickell Downtown MiamiBeach
Quality Social Media Content is Aesthetically Pleasing, and so is the entirety of the Miami Design District

The experience you find on Instagram should emulate the creativity of your region. This means that Miami businesses should have IG pages that are fun, relatable, creative, and aesthetically clever.

Digital Marketing Meets Social Media

New customers live on social media. It is a direct connection between you and your target audience, and you can reach them instantly. Welcome to the future.

Social Media Management in Miami, Florida

And yet not every business uses platforms like Instagram correctly. This is especially important for small businesses who can use Instagram for their SEO efforts; See how SEO improves your online presence and your business here.

Powered by Imagery

Aesthetically pleasing images get the most likes, we already knew that. But what are the nooks and crannies of social media that design agencies like Fantasea Media can access? We are the social media management agency you’re looking for, and we reveal our secrets here.

Mirielys Perez Social Media Management Miami Florida FL Digital Online Advertising Marketing

Find New Customers

You can find exactly who you’re targeting with a single word. Makeup lovers follow the #makeup hashtag, and small business owners follow the #smallbusiness or #smallbiz hashtag. With hashtags, you appear on your customer’s feed instantly.

Advertising social media in the real world
Guerilla Marketing by Fantasea Media integrates your hashtags and social media presence with real world advertising!

That’s just the beginning. Use more words in your hashtag to narrow down your target audience based on specific likes, occupation, or a geographical region to expand your reach! This year is going to be loaded with social media tactics, check out our article on Digital Marketing Trends for this year.

Spread the Word About Your Products and Services

Advertising your services doesn’t have to appear like the advertisements you’re used to seeing. Text-heavy posts with colors that POP out at you may have worked for the last century, but in this new era, business owners must modernize their aesthetic. Quality means graphics that are MUCH cleaner, and flat-icon design was the biggest trend by 2016.

Flat Icon Design Fantasea Media

Not only does the aesthetic need to be brought into the 21st century, but so do the sales strategies. Engagement, likes, and followers are more than just numbers to be monitored. For yesteryear, account managers would determine revenue goals based on statistics, and today they may put more emphasis on the number of followers rather than quality of content. It’s this thought process that leads businesses to invest in artificial engagement and actually buy fake followers. On platforms like Instagram, this may actually hurt you. See what the public has to say about artificially inflating your engagement.

Imagery does just fine on its own, but there is psychology developing for the types of captions that receive the most traction. Use of emojis and hashtags may seem intuitive for the younger generation, but for the older generations who work in marketing— this is a science that must be studied.

Elderly Attempting to Use Tablet
C’mon, Grandpa. There’s already a feature for that.

Look closer at the brands who are doing well. They don’t clutter their posts with bright text or vintage “Wow-factors”, nor are their captions flooded with 30 hashtags. Businesses that do well on social media target just the hashtags (or keywords) they need. Actually, they target only the hashtags that their audience is looking up daily. Using hashtags as keywords takes a little research and a lot of testing. Big brands have the resources and team members needed to monitor the performance of their social media posts, but if you need your own ultimate solution, this may be for you.

Dove Branding Social Media Management Miami Advertising Agency
Dove’s branding is clear in all of their marketing materials. They are cohesive even in their Instagram feed, as of when this article was written.

Brand Recognition and Trust

When thinking of a big name company like Dove, their marketing material is so cohesive that normal people don’t even notice. And that’s the beauty of intelligent design, it is so good that the only people who can recognize its versatility and beauty are other designers. Think you can recognize good strategy? Put yourself to the test here.

Despite not having the eye for design, your customers can still recognize beauty and good design when they see it. It has a deep psychological impact on the way they view your services, to the point where they will associate strong brands with their needs instantly. The psychology is clear to see when we consider brands like Scotch—fewer and fewer people ask for duct tape, they will sooner ask for Scotch tape. They associate their needs with the brand before the actual product.

Scotch Tape is in your Mind before Duct Tape

Having a team with specialized skills can bring this same level of brand recognition to your service or products. All it takes is a dedicated team of strong designers who can embody your services in a brand that is cohesively represented across all printed and social media. We are the team you need.

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