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Having Fun with Vehicle Wrapping

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Our team at Fantasea Media went out to check out our friends over at MetroWrapz on February 9th for The Wrap Institute LIVE Miami ‘19 and it was a BLAST! It’s always nice to see others in the industry doing what we love!!

The material being showcased for that weekend was a 3D wrap! After a live installation was performed, we received 3D glasses (the retro kind!) to see an eye-popping design. #3DLambo

the wrap institute live miami 3D Vehicle Wrap Vinyl

It was awesome for the event, the only impracticality is how often people are wearing retro 3D glasses while out and about! But even without wearing 3D glasses, the vibrancy of the wrap is unmatched. They even color-matched the vehicle’s original color, which was the same lime green as the skull tongue shown above. In addition to the live installation, guests were able to apply wraps themselves using tools of the trade. One of the things we noticed was what type of materials were being used.

To ensure the highest quality for our clients, Fantasea Media partners with 3M, Avery Dennison, and Oracal—the authorities in graphics-making. We got to compare commonly used materials for vehicle wrapping, and Juan Bustos from our Production team said the difference was clear:

miami doral brickell sunset south miami vehicle wrapping

The vinyl that comes from Avery is stretchier, making it easier for installers to readjust the wrap while applying it to round or curved surfaces. Applying a taut or non-stretchy vinyl on a vehicle is not impossible, you’d just better hope that the application is right the first time. Juan says that using Arlon is better for stronger outputs, like on walls.

Zoo Miami Vehicle Wrap by Fantasea Media

We used Avery this past week for a vehicle wrap we did for the Miami Metro Zoo, and the graphics and high-quality photography looks incredible! (Be on the lookout for when we post about it!) Our selection of material and process of lamination ensures your design’s protection from UV rays, long-lasting vibrancy, and it even protects the vehicle’s paint coat.

High-quality photography and brilliant graphics can be designed for ANY type of vehicle! Cars, trucks, golf carts, bikes, and way more!

Order your own vehicle wrap now.

Partial vinyl wrapping on battery powered vehicle for kids

Even your child’s battery-powered vehicle can receive special treatment with custom vehicle wraps.

Or wrap your friend’s boat! Check out all the fun stuff you can wrap on marine vessels here.

Marine Fishing Boat Vehicle Vinyl Wrap by Fantasea Media
Marine Fishing Boat Vehicle Vinyl Wrap by Fantasea Media

The possibilities are endless. We love hearing from clients their fun ideas, and even if you don’t have an idea we help you out! That’s our job as creatives! 🙂 Speaking of creative, here’s a couple memes we made from our time at the Wrap Institute LIVE Miami. He wanted a serious picture for his social media. Why so serious Juan?

The Wrap Institute LIVE Miami
Real life: haha so happy I love what I do
On social media: must look serious & focused

Thanks for reading our blog! Here are more images of us from the event:

The Wrap Institute LIVE Miami - Fantasea Media

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