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What kind of logo do I need?

By August 10, 2020 September 4th, 2020 3 Comments

Logo, Logotype, Logomark—What’s the difference?

So for those in the market for a logo design, here’s some vocab for you to get familiar with so that you know what to request from your designer:


This is a graphic that is used to represent a company, brand, or individual. How a logo is constructed can vary depending on the purpose. Here are three design types:


A logomark usually does not include the name of the company. It is an image or symbol that represents the brand. Logomarks are more appropriate for businesses that are already market leaders, because the general public can easily associate the symbol with the brand without needing the name of the company.

Android Logomark
Facebook Logomark
Adobe Logomark


Also known as a “word mark,” the logotype is a brand name styled as a logo. This immediately associates the company with the visual identity, which makes it a great starting point for new businesses.

A logotype can be seen as conversative, making it a popular choice for industries like finance or law. This may not be so suitable for creative professionals or hospitality businesses.

Android Logotype
Facebook Logotype
Adobe Logotype

Combination Mark

This is a combination of the logomark and logotype. The branding has the choice o being an integrated combination mark, so text and image work together to create one design.

Android Combination Mark
Pepsi Combination Mark
Adobe Combination Mark

An integrated combination mark offers a very strong brand identity, while a standalone mark can offer greater flexibility in its applications. It may allow the logotype to be dropped with time, which frees up the opportunity to create cleaner visual identity once the brand has gained momentum.

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