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How Designers Respond to a Logo Design Brief

By August 10, 2020 August 27th, 2020 3 Comments

In this article, we will go over what happens after you submit your logo design brief to our designers.

Then we will walk you through how we analyze brief requirements and make a list of what elements must be included. Finally we will showcase logos that either follow the brief or do not meet the requirements. This will show you how much of a difference filling out a logo design brief can be.

Client Brief

Fantasea Media reads the brief 1-2 times to absorb your vision and deliverables for your project. We take note of any deadlines you mention. Next, we reread the brief again and look for the keywords or phrases to group into categories like ‘must have’ and ‘nice to have’ requirements.

In the client brief example from DesignCrowd below, you’ll see the keywords from the brief requirements in bold that relate to art direction or style, shape, font, color, context for where the design will be seen and used.

Sample Client Brief

We need a logo for our company called NorthWest Yarns in Bellingham, WA. We sell yarns, knitting and crochet accoutrements, spinning wheels, fibre for spinning, and looms.

Cephalopods (like octopus and squid) are important for our brand, as we are known for our cephalopod artwork inside the shop.

We’re looking for something vintage-y, perhaps even as far as hipster-y, and that incorporates either tentacles or cephalopods.

Bonus points for figuring out how to work in a skein of yarn and knitting needles. Or a Turkish drop spindle.

We will want any fonts used to have serifs. We would also prefer a black and white / transparent design since we will also be using this as an adhesive vinyl cutout on our shop windows.

So from the design brief above, we get the following:

Must have:

  • Deliverable: Logo, Combination Mark (combination of the logomark and logotype)
  • Company name: NorthWest Yarns
  • Theme/pictorial element: Ocotopus, Squid, tentacles
  • Visual look and feel: Vintage logos, Hipster logos
  • Fonts: Serifs
  • Color preferences: black and white or transparent background
  • Printing: Used for shop window signage via vinyl cutout

Nice to have:

  • Work in a second pictorial element: skein of yarn, knitting needles or Turkish drop spindle

Using the keywords from the brief, here are the logo designs that matched the design brief and designs that did not fit the requirements.



Tentacles or Cephalopods


Skein of Yarn and Knitting Needles


Serif Fonts


Black and White

Black And White
Black And White

By carefully filling out a design brief, we can deliver designs that meet your requirements. We wait for client feedback on the designs before submitting new design concepts, and refine the concepts as we go.

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