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Individuals can massively personalize their vehicles with our vinyl wrap decals. Boats and jetskis can be brought to our office for measurements during office hours – no appointment necessary!

Have a custom boat wrap design in mind? Speak with our designers today at (786) 250-3544
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Rum Runner Marine Vehicle Boat Wrap by Fantasea Media

Businesses often use wrapped trucks or vans to expand their reach on the road, but expanding on the sea is profitable–especially for Miami.

Whether it is branding a marine vehicle that sells drinks on the water at the beach, or branding tourist speedboats, you need top quality materials to withstand the saltwater and weather.

Fantasea Media uses highly certified, top quality materials for all vehicle wraps. Each wrap is 3M™ Certified and comes with warranty.

To learn more about our vehicle wraps, click here.

To better understand the kind of materials we use, click here for our faq.

All of our wraps are weather-resistant and each come with free auto detailing included!

The creative fun doesn’t stop with business advertising–entrepreneurs can further advertise their business on their personal jet skis or boats. Fantasea Media wraps ALL types of marine vessels!

Marine Fishing Boat Vehicle Vinyl Wrap by Fantasea Media
Inkaholik’s Marine Fishing Boat Vehicle Vinyl Wrap (Designed & Installed by Fantasea Media)

If you have a great idea for your own vehicle wrap, give us a call (786)250-3544 and we can make it happen. Individuals can put their own personal spin on their fishing boats or kayaks, and surprise friends and family with fun designs. Some even opt to brand their vehicle with their own name. Check out all the possibilities for your wrap here.

Because what else would you do if your name was Muller?

Weather-resistant and super cool, vinyl decal wraps are giving people the chance to personalize their vehicles in a custom, creative way. There is no limit to the design that the wrap can have, and it could even be reflective.

Reflective Light up Lit Glow in the Dark Vinyl Decal Wrap
Now that’s lit.

Let’s Get Creative


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