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What Your Business Needs in 2019

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2019 Breakdown

Your business needs custom branding, website, SEO, and advertising.

There have been a lot of changes so far in 2019. Giving your business the same “New Year, New Me” treatment you’d give to yourself is the route to take if you want to be seen and recognized in this growing market. The market is changing in the following ways:

  • Everyone is on their mobile phone. This has always been the case since 2016, and businesses like Google are finally catching up to the trend. Google released a “mobile first” indexing patch last year, and that means if your company wants to maintain a competitive edge online, a mobile-first website design is a necessity. [Source]
  • Artificial Intelligence. Enough said.
  • Voice search will be easier to use because of the previous bullet point. Experts believe that voice search will be 50% of all searches by 2020. Okay, Google. SEO tactics have been relying not on speech, but on text. This newest development is the most important, because it’s the most different. Voice search requires a completely different type of optimization.
  • There’s a very big connection between these snippets and voice search optimization. Google’s featured snippets are those small quick answers that Google automatically puts at the top of your search results. Interestingly enough, these snippets of a SERPs position of zero.
  • #InfluencerMarketing is here to stay.
  • Brands that use platforms Facebook, Instagram (and IGTV), and Twitter for marketing will continue to do so. Videos will be used more often, and will continue to rise.


“Brands are all about the emotions they evoke in customers. They are about creating a layer of perceived value over the actual value your product creates. And there is nothing more emotional than colors. Do you want your product to be perceived as luxurious? Don’t add a splash of yellow to it and opt for black instead. You want everyone to feel relaxed in your new spa? Maybe lose the red paint and opt for something a bit more blue or purple. It’s a simple trick but if you conduct any brand color A/B testing, you’ll know it can have remarkable results.”

The branding of your business should be reflected in all print designs and web designs. Businesses with authority in their industries have a branding standard manual to ensure all materials are consistent with the agreed message and positioning of the company. Entrepreneurs and small business owners would certainly benefit from doing the same, but taking these steps will bring your business on a more fair playing ground to the big guys.


Having an online presence for your business is crucial. Marketers who prioritize blogging are 13X MORE likely to enjoy positive ROI. Consistency is key. It takes 5-7 impressions to remember a brand.

Personal branding is about controlling the narrative about your business — you control how the public views you. With every blog post and update, it reveals more of your brand and if that’s something people want to get behind, that’s what builds your traffic growth. That’s why building quality content is key to SEO — learn how you can take advantage of our full digital marketing bundle (including website design + SEO!)


There are many steps to take to improve your SEO. We go in-depth in a previous article, SEO tactics for 2019, but here’s the rundown:

Search Engine Optimization is ensuring your website can actually be seen. Just like building a brand, search engine optimization is not a one and done deal. It is constantly putting your services or materials on different parts of the web so that different groups of people, who may be Google searching different things, could all find your business at one online place.

This means guest posting on high authority sites (it’s different for every industry, but you can recognize which sites are high authority once you’ve been doing it long enough).

This means consistently putting out quality content and having a cornerstone (like a blog post) for people to take action and learn more about what you do. Blog posts link to authority sites to increase their own website’s authority, and it’s more of a partnership from then on.

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Written by Victoria Zade

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