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Miami Yacht Charter Branding & Graphics

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Luxury Yacht Charters and Yacht Rental businesses are a dime a dozen in Miami, Florida. High-end boat and yacht charters are used for corporate events, birthdays, weddings, bachelor and bachelorette parties and more.

Events such as these have plenty of photos taken, usually to be posted on social media. What are the odds that your customers will tag your business with every photo they post—the answer? Slim to none.

Don’t lose business to your competitor.

The people that have used your rental business have friends and family who will engage with the images your customers took while using your service. If there is no branding on the yacht, then when those friends are ready for their own yacht outing, they will not look up your business. They will look up “yacht rental miami” or “yacht charters in miami” and find your competition before ever thinking of your business.


For yachts and large boats, smaller decals in strategically placed locations on the vessel work better for your ROI than full wraps.

As For Design…

Let’s be real.

The owners of luxury yacht rental businesses aren’t in the market of covering up their mega yacht with tacky graphics. The capabilities at Fantasea Media are high-quality, highly durable materials printed on cutting-edge industry standard equipment. From large format prints to subtle vinyl decals, you can get what you need.

You don’t always have to go big.

Just because our machines can handle it, doesn’t mean it’s the right choice for you and your business. Sometimes subtlety goes the extra mile. This can be in the form of reflective decals, a vinyl material that will illuminate with every flash of a camera phone.

See Reflective on Vehicles

High Risk Enforcement Reflective White Decals on White Vehicle by Fantasea Media

Branded Decals & Graphics

Like boat striping, die-cut graphics can be placed on any part of the boat’s surface to emphasize the boat’s shell or establish branding elements. This can work together with a logo of your rental business, or the initials of the boat charter owner.

its miller time its muller time boat graphics miami
Because what else would you do if your name was Muller?

The goal is to place these graphics on areas with the potential for dense population or photo-taking. Having a name clearly seen on the vessel in any photographs taken will bring those referrals straight to you before your competition.

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