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Kayak Wraps for Miami

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Fan of water sports?
Own a kayaking business?

Wrapping not only helps you stick out on the water, but it helps you stick out in the market.

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Today, most rental businesses don’t wrap their kayaks or canoes.

Commercial Wraps

Kayak and canoe rental services are a great way to help tourists enjoy Miami while stimulating the economy. When tourists are taking photos to keep memories of a lifetime, each photo taken is a wasted opportunity for the kayak business.

Each photo a customer takes is a wasted opportunity for a kayak business.

The answer is not to take away phones and cameras. Instead, give them the freedom to snapshot every moment and make sure your business name appears in every shot.

How do you ensure that your customers, and anyone who later sees the photos online, return to your business?

Branding all your business equipment reminds your customers who they are working with. It also lets everyone else know, too.

simple inkaholik boat vinyl vessel wrap fantasea media
Boat Decals we made for the owner of Inkaholik Tattoos Miami

Even a simple decal with your company name is enough to market your business while customers are on the water, with potential opportunities in every beachgoer that sees your kayaks from afar.

How can I be sure that wrapping my equipment will help me get more business?

Think about it. If you are at the beach, semi-interested in taking a kayak tour and happen to see a group with kayak rentals, you will immediately search for “kayak tours near me” on your phone.

But if you happen to see a group with kayaks that say “Kara’s Kayaks” then guess what? You will look up Kara’s Kayaks. That’s how the potential customer won’t leave you for a different kayak tour company in the area.

Personal Wraps

Custom Wrap Design and Professional Installation

A vinyl wrap will protect the surface of your kayak, as well as offer paint protection, and a better return on your investment. Not only that, any water vessel wrap offers more than just protection. A vinyl wrap allows for customization of your recreational kayak, boat, yacht, fishing boat, jet ski, race boat, or commercial boat.

As one of the exclusive boat wrapping companies in Miami and all of South Florida, we specialize in high quality wraps, custom graphics, large format printing, and seamless wrap installation. Our entire process begins with complimentary auto detailing, with professional attention to detail, and all Fantasea Media wraps are under 3M Warranty of up to 5 years or more.

All Fantasea Media wraps are under 3M Warranty of up to 5 years or more.

Fantasea Media kayak wraps, decals, and graphics are short of nothing but pure quality. Long lasting, durable, protective vinyl wraps can enhance any water vessel, as well as offer hull protection, sun protection, and paint protection.

Fantasea Media offers complimentary detailing included with every wrap.

Custom Wrap Process

  1. Design.
    Our creative team of designers work with your original idea or Fantasea designs your kayak or boat graphics for you.
  2. Print.
    Fantasea Media professionally prints the graphics on premium vinyl films, and laminate the vinyl with UV protective coating.
  3. Install.
    You bring your vessels to our office, or we come to you and install the graphics to your dry docked boat in South Florida.

Fantasea Media will never limit you in your choice of graphics. Whether you have your own logos and graphics that you want installed, you want art from an artist installed, or you want one of our talented and artistic designers to create graphics for you, we can do it.

We work with talented and creative designers that have amazing artwork that can be printed on vinyl and installed on your kayak. We love challenging artwork and we love to create! 

Full boat wrap we made for the owner of Inkaholik Tattoo Miami

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