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The Cost of Bad Design

By June 5, 2020 September 4th, 2020 2 Comments

A corporate business can still present itself with good design. Just because it’s corporate, doesn’t mean that it needs to look boring. We always have fun with events, but your brand shouldn’t avoid fun because it’s professional.

If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design. — RALF SPETH

The cost of bad design isn’t just ugly—it’s expensive. Your brand suffers, in the form of confusing or boring design. This directly affects your customer experience if you have uninspiring packaging, or a website that hasn’t optimized their web presence for both customer experience and search results.

good design versus bad design

The impact of design can be (and has been) measured. In 2014 and 2015, two back-to-back studies measured how selected companies (which placed a strong emphasis on good design) performed when compared to a control group (i.e. those who didn’t prioritize design). These surveys, the Design Value Index, selected firms that placed a strong emphasis on good design including, among others, Apple, Starbucks, Intuit, Steelcase, Procter & Gamble, and Nike.

The 15 selected companies beat the S&P Index by 228 percent over the course of a decade

Still Not Convinced?

Even the government knows the value of good design.

Human-centered design puts the end-user first and foremost, and drives innovation for the company. Ultimately, great design has a cost —albeit one that pays for itself many times over. However, the costs of bad design are far more devastating, with far-reaching consequences beyond just profits and loss statements.

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