Fantasea Media’s guide to different types of signage materials and their suitable uses.



Available in a wide range of sizes and color, aluminum is easy to use and considered one of the best outdoor material. It doesn’t rust, and the lettering is very readable. Usually used as a material for No Parking Signs or Real Estate Signs.


Acrylic has great tensile strength since it is made from methyl methacrylate. Plexiglas or acrylic has a glossy finish, giving your signage a classic and sophisticated look. Customization and maintenance for this material is easy. Preferred more for indoor usage rather than outdoor, this sign material is used widely in retail, trade shows, office interiors, and much more.

Common uses of vinyl banners include retail advertising, exhibitions, sales and promotions, as well as trade shows. Graphics and lettering can be larger for greater reach. Banners are nylon reinforced with vinyl material.

Coroplast or Corrugated Plastic

Lightweight and cost-effective, coroplast signage is a strong plastic sheet formed by bridging two layers, of which one is a wavy pattern while the other is flat. Easily customizable, it is mainly used for directional signage, trade shows or special events, but it can also be a choice for lawn signs.


PVC is the best signage material because it projects a professional and quality image. Medium weighted and highly durable, its matte finish reduces glare and easily hides fingerprints. This material looks best with bright colors and simple fonts. Mostly used for business logo signage.

Foam Core or Foamboard

More suited for short-term indoor applications, foam core boards are light and rigid, plus they are easy to transport and customize. This material is the preferred choice when mounting digital images and color graphics, and can be used in Welcome signs, directional signage, and most events.

Backlit Signage

Backlit signage, or neon signs, are considered to be a marketing tool that works 24/7. Used for both indoors and outdoors, the effectiveness of this illuminated signage is amplified at night. It’s perfect to catch the eye and gain attention. Backlit signage is most often used for retail advertising, restaurants, cafes, clubs or arcades, and movie theaters.


Easy to see and read from farther distances, vinyl material is quite durable and lasts longer when used for indoor signs. Vinyl can be used for temporary outdoor applications, however prolonged outdoor exposure could damage the sign considerably. (This is the reason why vinyl placed on the sunroof of vehicles is not protected by warranty!)

Magnetic Signage

Sometimes it’s not the right time for a single business owner to invest in vinyl wraps on their commercial vehicles, but there is another option. Printed magnetic signs can be placed on smooth steel surfaces like on vehicles; it is a unique way of marketing that turns company cars and delivery trucks or vans into temporary moving billboards. This signage is quick to install and remove, and it can be cut to fit exact shapes and sizes.

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