The interior (and even exterior!) of your living space can be spruced up without a ridiculous amount of money.

You can create an entirely different look with vinyl wraps. Get long-lasting, quality results when you have a bedroom wall, kitchen cabinets, tabletops, and more wrapped with Fantasea Media.

Wraps for Bedrooms

The best thing about wrapping bedrooms is that the vinyl wrap actually protects the wall’s original paint underneath. When you’re done, simply peel it off! And when you move into your next home, we can reprint the same design so you can take it with you!

FELLERS bedroom wall wrapped with custom print on Avery vinyl ...

Wraps for Children’s Rooms

Thinking of painting a mural for your children’s bedroom or play room?
A wrap is faster to apply, and neatly covers the wall behind it so that when the wrap is removed, the wall’s original paint is left intact.
Wrap the walls or door fully or just get decals—it’s up to you!

room wrap wall mural with modifications around window and door
Custom Wall Quotes, Sayings & Letters |

Wraps for Kitchens

Ugly countertop? Cabinets don’t match well with your color scheme?
Cover it with vinyl wraps.

DIY wrapping can be fun, but it can take lots of time for someone who is inexperienced. The vinyl must be applied delicately as to not cause wrinkles or bubbles, it is like dealing with a giant roll of tape! Except with a heat-gun. Let our professional wrappers handle the job for you!

(Still want to do it yourself? We can sell you just the vinyl so you can try!)

Mum refreshes tired kitchen decor with £50 B&Q self adhesive film
before and after kitchen wraps
Hack: How to wrap your kitchen in vinyl | Upcycle kitchen, Home ...
Pro-XPO Matte: Black | Vinyl wrap, Black vinyl, Matte black

Wraps for Garage

Holidays couldn’t be easier with custom garage door wraps. Completely transform your home for Christmas or New Years or Fourth of July or Halloween with themed wraps!

The Holiday Aisle American Flag and Fireworks Garage Door Mural ...


Have a handyman in the house? Do you live with, or are you a car guy?
Maybe you just want your garage door to have that personal touch (without any complaints from HOA…)

Wraps for Doors

Easily customize your home for the holidays, leave a lasting message for your loved one, or show off your personality. Lionkin8 Be Safe I Love You Front Door Decal Sticker ...
Chanukah Decorations Door Cover From $49.99 USD - DoorFoto™
Halloween Door wrap — Rm Wraps
The Holiday Aisle Happy Halloween Door Mural | Wayfair

Decals & Partial Wraps for Hallways

Welcome Guests Wall Art Sticker Hallway Living Room Quote Vinyl ...
Isaiah 32:18 Vinyl Wall Decal 1, My people will live in peaceful ... Hello in Different Languages Vinyl Wall Decal Hallway ... Jeisy Vinyl Wall Decal Quote Stickers Home Decoration ...

Full Wraps for Entertainment Rooms

(All but one image were taken from the internet.)

We love making new, creative works for people! Maybe your idea will make it to this page! 🙂 Come to our shop and let’s talk about it.

Pricing based on square footage, includes materials and installation.

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