SEO Breakdown: How to Rank on the First Page of Google Under 4 Months

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Search Engine Optimization

Fantasea Media offers clients a comprehensive report on the daily activities that boost website performance. In harmony with Google Analytics, Google My Business, and Google Search Console, Fantasea Media’s SEO Manager uses real-time business intelligence data to create successful content and improve upon it month-by-month.

How does Fantasea Media improve your SEO?

Read below to learn the tactics that Fantasea Media uses to optimize your business website for search engines.

  • Understanding Your Traffic
    All the people who visit your website is considered your “traffic.” In order for your website to receive traffic every day, there needs to be content on your website. The more quality your content, the more traffic it tends to receive. Fantasea Media performs target analysis and market research in order to understand who your customer is before any content is created. Our SEO Manager understands the different types of content needed for different traffic sources.
  • Analyzing Your Traffic Sources
    Direct traffic is when a user types in your website into the search bar to visit your site directly.

    Organic traffic is the traffic that your website receives from any search result that leads to your site. Fantasea Media determines which search results are most likely to connect your customers to your site, and we create the content that will appear at those specific search results.

    Social traffic is directly from social media websites, such as Facebook, Facebook Mobile, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, and Quora.

    Referral traffic is the traffic your website gets from referral sources. The difference between social sources and referral sources are that not every referral source is a social source, but every social source can be a referral source. If a 3rd party website refers your website, that source is considered a referral source.
  • Generating Your Backlinks
    Fantasea Media does the heavy lifting of creating quality dofollow and nofollow backlinks for your website. Websites with high domain authority (DA) are the stimulus to improve the credibility for your website. As we link your site to other websites with high DA, the backlinks on your website grow.
  • Organic Search Positions
    Fantasea Media monitors your search position for organic keywords on a daily basis. For most SEO companies, clients receive a comprehensive report detailing your website’s rank and data, Fantasea Media does this and more by including a quick, easy-to-digest description of what the data means, and how we are using it. An organic approach means organic growth. Fantasea Media’s SEO Manager performs specific keyword research on your industry, business, and region to make sure your SEO strategy is profitable.
  • On-Page SEO
    If your website does not appear on Google, chances are that your website pages needs to be optimized. Fantasea Media’s SEO Manager improves how search engines “read” your website pages and optimizes their descriptions so that people find what they’re looking for on your website before your competitor’s website. On-Page SEO also includes optimizing website speed and mobile responsiveness.
  • Off-Page SEO

In addition to keyword research, backlink building, and data analysis, our SEO Manager performs off-page SEO on a daily basis. The following topics are each of the aspects of Off-Page SEO that our SEO Manager covers:

Article Submissions for SEO

The keyword research we perform is immediately implemented into relevant and content-rich articles that are posted weekly on your website. These articles are designed to connect with your ideal customer base, answers their questions, and provides a convenient and quick solution to their problem.

The more user-friendly your website is, the better it performs in the search engine.

Victoria Zade, Fantasea Media SEO Manager

These content-rich articles are then dispersed across the web as submissions to 3rd party article or blog websites that give more people accessibility to your website and the information it offers.

Business Listings for SEO

You’ve probably heard of White Pages or Yelp—these websites are the most popular national business listing websites. Fantasea Media inputs your business information to a wide variety of business directories, some targeting your company’s industry and business region/location (local SEO).

Classified Ads for SEO

Promoting your company or products across the web can be done with Fantasea Media’s SEO packages. We submit advertisements for your business on popular classifieds. There are limitless classified ad websites out there, but only some of them have the daily engagement that generate leads. Not only do we post ads for you, but with our SEO Manager’s background in copywriting and journalism, you can rest assured that your message is getting out there exactly the way you’d want it to.

Media & Doc Submissions for SEO

Fantasea Media’s designers work together to create quality content for the potential customers of your company. This includes informative PDF documents, graphics for social media, and professional video editing that is fully customized and branded to your business.

Doc Bookmarking for SEO

Bookmarking websites utilize the custom PDF documents that Fantasea Media designs for your business. Websites such as Fancy or Slashdot target a niche audience, and we continue to find those audiences that can be reached on behalf of your business.

Web Activities for SEO

All available Fantasea Media SEO Packages include On-Page and Off-Page Search Engine Optimization. In addition to all of the above, Fantasea Media’s SEO Manager participates in relevant forums and posts about your products or services to increase awareness and engagement with your website. Miscellaneous web activities include professional updates to Google My Business, and answering related questions on websites like Quora with responses containing links back to your business page.

So why are we telling you all this?

We are confident that your business needs a professional touch for your search engine optimization. That’s why we have no problem telling you all the secrets of SEO—the true success lies in the quality of the content. Our SEO Manager has a degree in Graphic Design & Advertising and a background in Journalism & Copywriting. These skills are leveraged for a customized strategy unique to your own business.

“Getting to the top of Google isn’t free—you either pay with money or time.”

Victoria Zade, SEO Manager of Fantasea Media

For business owners who work long hours, having a dedicated SEO Manager equips them with an individual who knows your business inside and out, is always on call for any updates, and spends each day working toward your goal of reaching the top of Google search results.

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Written by Victoria Zade

Victoria is a writer, SEO analyst, consultant, and designer who transforms businesses through graphic storytelling to business owners, artists, professionals, and visionaries. •

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