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Photography Services Included With Graphic Design

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Product Photography

Whether you need images of your products on your website or social media, or if you need high-quality images to print on menus or vehicle wraps, we are now including our photography services with each project.

Our in-house photographer will set up a photoshoot for your packages, apparel, marketing material, and even headshots for your staff!

Miami Product Photography for Social Media Websites Full Service Agency

Product Retouching

If you take photos of your products here at Fantasea Media, we include basic product retouching to remove or hide reflections, lighting glare, fingerprints in glass, and other small imperfections.

Product Photography Retouching Miami FL Design Agency

Portrait Photography

For clients that wish to add a recent photo of themselves to their business card, brochure, or any other graphic design service, we offer portrait photography included with their requested service. We do not offer standalone portrait photography.

Portrait Retouching

real estate agent personal branding miami florida

We have clients from the real estate industry who need signage or banners to get attention to the property they’re selling. It’s common for the agent to wish to have their picture on the banner, and we also provide professional portrait retouching as an add-on.

Retouching will soften blemishes and facial lines, acne, and glass glare. This service is optional and features red-eye removal, removing or hiding stains or other unsightly things like cuts, grazes, or spots that may appear. This service is not considered image manipulation, and any requests that are considered image manipulation would be charged as an additional add-on.

Portrait retouching miami design agency
Image manipulation is combining more than one image together.

Environment Photography

We also offer in-location photography services for your business. Whether you’re in a spa or office, we can go to your place of work and take photos of what your employees do on the daily.

miami professional design with photography included

Disclaimer: We do not take photos of houses / we do not offer real estate photography.

Creative Photography

Our small studio has loads of creativity packed inside! Whether you need a full body photo or a quick snapshot of you with your prints, you can pose in our behind-the-scenes photo studio with absolutely anything! We won’t limit your creativity. Neither will Juan or his avocado.

full service design agency photography portrait retouching included
Here’s a look at how photos look in our in-house photo studio

Use Photography for Digital Media

Not only do we offer a variety of photography services (all in-house!) we can also transform your photos into functional stickers that can be used on apps like Whatsapp! See the image above, used as a digital sticker!

custom whatsapp stickers miami
That’s right. We can turn your photography into usable stickers for Whatsapp!


Fantasea Media is the business owner’s go-to for all things advertising. Our small agency now includes photography with our graphic design services to give more convenience to our clients. We are not a photography studio, so we do not offer photography services on its own. With any purchase of business cards, flyers, signs, banners, vehicle wraps, or any of our other graphic design services, we will include complimentary photography to ensure the best possible result for you. Because of how time-consuming these advanced techniques are, portrait retouching and image manipulation are add-ons to the original price of the graphic design service you request.

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