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Jet Ski Graphics – Wraps With Warranty

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Jet Ski Graphics

Thinking of painting your jet ski? Vinyl wrapping is faster and cheaper, and can make your logo look sick.

Boat Vinyl Wrap Graphics Miami Fantasea Media

See Fantasea Media’s boat marine graphics in “All About Vinyl Wrapping Your Boat” from our friends at Power & Motorsports.

Why Use Vinyl Wraps?

Our most popular service—vinyl wrapping—is making its way to Miami’s boats, kayaks, and jet skis. Whether you run a rental business and want your company name on all your products, or if you just want to wrap your personal boat or jet ski, we have unlimited possibilities for you!

Custom Vehicle Boat Vinyl Decal Wrap Custom
Because what else would you do if your name was Muller?

What Can We Wrap?

We can wrap anything and everything! Our large format printers make it all possible. So if you want your jet ski to match your car, or if you want your car to match your kid’s tike car, you can get it done at Fantasea Media.

Partial vinyl wrapping on battery powered vehicle for kids
Customized Children’s Powerwheels Car Wrap by Fantasea Media

Boat Graphics Wrap

Fantasea Media uses top quality names like Avery and 3M—to ensure that your wrap protects your vessel’s paint and that it also protects your vessel from harmful UV rays from the sun. Photography, illustrations, custom typography, your social media badge, and more can be added to the wrap to make you stand out in a different way! Best part is—all Fantasea Media wraps are under warranty. Click here to read more about our warranty.

no worries red boat wrap by fantasea media in miami
miami vinyl decal business fantasea media custom boat graphics jet ski vinyl wraps
fantasea media miami boat wraps graphics vinyl

Vinyl Decals for Business

You don’t need to have a rental business to consider wrapping for your advertising strategy. Our friend from Inkaholik Tattoos LOVES to wrap all sorts of things with his company’s brand—if you’ve seen it around, then it’s doing its job!

simple inkaholik boat vinyl vessel wrap fantasea media
When we started off slow…
Boat Vinyl Wrap Graphics Miami Fantasea Media
After we already had his trust 🙂
cool illustration boat vehicle vinyl wrap
vinyl wrapping boats miami fantasea media
Every Fantasea Media wrap comes with warranty!

Through the amount of impressions that can be gathered on an hourly basis, the exponential growth will help your business be recognized. This creates the basis for consumer loyalty that is critical when your consumer later faces the choice between your competitor and you.

Instagram Window Decal

Want to start slow? We also apply vinyl decals to windows on all types of vehicles. Place your personal handle from Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to increase your exposure—they can even be reflective!

glow in the dark reflective vehicle wrap business wrapping advertising
Reflective Vinyl Wrap by Fantasea Media
business vehicle wrap advertising mobile billboard
Fantasea Media Reflective Wrap with normal lighting

Ask Us Anything!

We get all types of questions on a daily basis. Don’t be shy! We love helping our clients understand their business needs and making awesomely creative designs for people!

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