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Personalize Jet Skis for Miami Shores | Fantasea Media

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Are you planning a trip to Miami soon? Or do you live on the tropical sandy beaches of Miami Shores? There are tons of opportunities to ride in rental jet skis, boat tours, and even speedboats—but if you have your own jet ski then you likely want to stand out from the generic rentals.

Custom Wrap Your Jet Ski

Tell Fantasea Media your idea and watch it come to life.

Color changes, adding names or images, and custom illustrations are the most popular personal wraps.

matte black jet ski wrap

Color Changes

Whether you want a matte black ride, a jet ski that changes color in the sun, or a vinyl wrap that reflects light at night, get it done at Fantasea Media. Our local Miami shop has color swatches for you to look through to pick your favorite.

Adding Names & Images

Include your social media name, a nickname, or a funny saying along with an image or symbol. If you can think it, we can wrap it.

Custom Vehicle Boat Vinyl Decal Wrap Custom
Because what else would you do if your name was Muller?

And even if you can’t think of it, our graphic designers can help you have a design that is unforgettable.

no worries red boat wrap by fantasea media in miami

Advertising Brand Names & Company Logos

Leverage the sandy beaches of the Sunshine State to your advertising advantage with boat wraps! For example: when our friend, the owner of Inkaholik Tattoos, first began working with us he wanted his personal boat to also advertise his business.

simple inkaholik boat vinyl vessel wrap fantasea media

His satisfaction in working with Fantasea Media convinced him to go bigger, badder, and better on his next boat wrap—which still advertises his business, in a much cooler way.

Boat Vinyl Wrap Graphics Miami Fantasea Media

Custom Illustrations

Whether you want to start off small with a partial wrap or decals, or if you’re ready to make a statement on a wrap that will last up to 5 years or more, Fantasea Media will work with you to custom design your request.

For businesses interested in learning about commercial wrap advertising, click here for info.

Fantasea Media Wrap Warranty

Every wrap from Fantasea media comes with warranty. Learn about our warranty by clicking here.

Contact Fantasea Media

Call us to make an appointment to bring your jet ski, boat, or vessel to our shop for measurements. Quotes are an estimation of the total cost of the project, which are based on the size of the vessel and the amount of material used.

Fantasea Media customizes your design, prints it on high-quality 3M material, and applies durable UV protection lamination. The end result is weather-resistant, protected from the sun’s damaging rays, and can be washed or detailed as normal.

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