Website Design

Our talented website developer has an eye for aesthetic that can bring your website to the modern age.

Websites are the first thing your customers will look up, whether they find your business through a review page or from the search engine.

Bad design can easily turn away potential customers, since it reveals that you aren’t tech-savvy or your business isn’t successful enough to invest in itself.


The design of your company’s website should attract new customers and keep existing customers coming back


Since it isn’t so easy to trust a new company—especially with the design of your company’s website—we will design a mockup of your new website homepage. Yes, we are that confident that you will love your new website design. No need to sign onto any monthly maintenance plans, after receiving your website design we can hand it off to you for you to do what you wish. It’s totally up to you!

The website mockup is available only to qualified clients. To qualify, your budget and scope must fall in line with our pricing and capabilities. If your project scope or budget is not a fit, then the free website mockup is not available. We reserve the right to refuse the free website mockup offer to any project we feel we are not a fit with.

To proceed, simply fill out the form below:

1. Fill out the form below

You will receive an email to either learn more about your project or so we can schedule a call. To give an accurate quote, we need to discuss what you’re looking for.

2. Discussion

We will ask you some questions to determine your goals, website functionality, key requirements, desired timeline, and other important considerations that will affect the scope of the project.

3. Receive a proposal

We will email you a proposal for your project. This will include a detailed list of services and features provided as well as a quote for the project cost. If the scope and budget of the proposal work for you, then you place your deposit, and we can move forward.

4. Complete a website questionnaire

You will fill out a questionnaire so we can get a feel for the vision of your new website’s design. This will include links to other websites that you like, as well as fonts, colors, and other visual elements that need to be included.

5. Get your website design

You receive your company’s website design and we revise as needed. Once all the information is correct and you are satisfied, we hand it off to you—no further commitments to monthly maintenance are required! However if you are interested in having Fantasea Media maintain your website, we can discuss that too.

5. Agreement

Once you are satisfied with your website design, you submit the remainder of the total and it is now completely owned by you. Congratulations!

6. Always a call away

If in the future, you decide you need some adjustments made, we can set you up on monthly website maintenance. That way, in case you need anything changed, or if there are any updates needed, it can be stress-free.

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