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Miry Perez Visuapex Creatives Digital Marketing Miami

Miami-based agency focused on helping businesses establish their digital branding with online boosting, strategic posting times, regional tags, consistent engagement and cohesive visual identity for your brand.

We partner with Visuapex Creatives to ensure your digital marketing is at the cutting-edge of current online trends.

Social Advertising

Business Profiles

To get insight from social media, convert your profiles in social media outlets such as Instagram, Linkedin, and Pinterest to hone in on your specific audiences, such as visitor traffic, clicks, and user demographics.

Region-Specific Tags

To increase engagement with those in your community, we marry the data from your user demographics with the specific regions you wish to target. The more specific your tags, the more likely you are to receive engagement on your posts. However, too specific and you run the risk of no one seeing your posts.

Branding and Consistency

You want to have a brand that looks cohesive across the board. We will choose a particular look, color palette, and style to solidify your branding and make it authentic to what your business represents.

Influencer Marketing

Certain users post content on their social pages leisurely, yet they have a massive following. Businesses can take advantage of this exposure to increase their lead generation and invite new followers to see what they’re all about. For example, all is needed from your influencer is a quick reveal of your product that is being used and a tag to the product maker (you). Now you’ve begun marketing with influencers. Another way is to provide a service to an influencer, so that they may review it for their thousands of followers. Choose an influencer based on demographics, post-aesthetic, follower count, and possibly region.

Follower Count – Why Does it Matter?

The more followers an influencer has, the more people are likely to see the post you’re tagged in. The higher impression count is vital to exposure for your business – however, not every business needs an influencer with millions of followers. Thousands can do the job, even hundreds, depending on the size of your business and in what region you’re operating from.

Post Aesthetic – What Does it Mean?

The aesthetic of an Instagram profile is the vibe or visual consistency that it has worked to maintain. Some influencers have a light aesthetic for their profile grid, so most of their posts will be with a white background or of very light subjects. A business that has a gothic or very dark appearance probably wouldn’t be of interest to that type of influencer. Before asking an influencer about promotions, first, view their profile to make sure that what you’re offering is up their alley.

Demographics – Why Is it Useful?

User demographics are the standard age, location of residence, and income of your followers. Why does knowing this matter? It gives you a real image of what your target audience cares about — a follower with high income, residence in Sunrise, between the ages of 45-50 will find different things useful than followers who are 20-30 living in Wynwood with low income. How you use this information depends on your business.

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